Once upon a time there was a man who was alive.

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


Yesterday was another wet and rather warm sort of day, which has proved a common companion this year. The clouds drifted overand rained, and rained. As evening lowered the fogs rose- a healthy thick fog, all around here, especially thick along slopes and creek-bottoms. Rain is not that bad, not unless one is out in it with a heavy load of books (including an enormous but fascinating volume on the cacti of the United States- a very large book, even for botancal volumes...), trudging across a campus- without an umbrella, and only one's head keeping the rain off one's neck. Fortunately, it was not cold, or even cool, as it is to-day. To-day all is drying out, and the sun bright and unhendered. The wild-grapes on the privet and yaupon hedges are magnificent- helping to compensate for the fact that most of our trees and shrubs are evergreen, or persisten- the leaves staying green most of the winter and browning and falling in March as the new leaves come in.

Ere dusk light laid gloaming down
On grass-blade green-gelded:
Garm of light, lorn of the holding ground
For a fleet-still moment. Light
Reams and gleams over greenlawn
Light ends lofted flight in dusk-dawn

Hedge holds to light, to gleam and gold
Tassled in climbing shifting green
In bowered reverence old-
Old as dusk and holt-held light
Oak sings, on dusk-dawn wing
Birds soft rise, and evensong bring.


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