Once upon a time there was a man who was alive.

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


This poem drifted into my head after a contemplative walk through my neighbor's wood and field, which is a lovely spot: some big thick hedges, ponds, old oak trees, and rolling little fields, all veined through with little farm lanes. After I have read Scriptures at home, I tend to- when I can, which is occasional- go and take a short walk, in which I try to maintain a contemplative, prayerful attititude, in which "Christ is all" upon my being, and in which I may praise and thank my Father as I often fail to do when the affairs of the rest of the world press about.

Hymn on the Rain

Quake!-quick strewed against strathing sky-
Yare- yorn willowleafen wrought white washed upon rain
Dregging clouds: graying, streeling, gab-thrown high
World-sized, world-shorn reeling raring over down and slane
While mapleleaves green grasp, scatter soft-edged
Catch the gray strathy skyed frown-
Deep frown, soft frowned, broken now to rain.

Yare bent willow: O praise Him!
Quooken leaftipped arms throw forward praise-
Lifted, linned over, speak!
Green-grafted maple: O praise Him!
Voice resounds- resounds, resounds: soul
Slakes soul praises- praises Him!
Toss, still and settle- but praise, praise yet!
Glory given ever, on heaven and on earth:
Soul’s song, quickbeam’s song- life gorn, breath touched all
Redemption wrought bringing:
O Praise Him!


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