Once upon a time there was a man who was alive.

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


{Overheard In A Remote Location, or, Some Pithy Observations on Men and Women}

“Well my dear, let me be the first to make a grand and glorious proposition to you- a cadre of thoughts so sublime you will wonder, as I did, why their magnificent significance did not arrive sooner-”
“Ah love, watch your step there-”
“Oh yes yes my dear, a trifle matter. Anyway, consider this- do you see that butte yonder? Of course! You cannot help but see it! And that is the true glory of it- here is something we have never seen before, something whose name- whose previous perception to other men- is unknown to us, as if we had discovered a new planet! Here, let us stop and gaze with wonder upon this sight, whose thrill and sublimity fill my heart like wine.”
That there was indeed a large, looming butte of that glorious nature only known in the remoter corners of the American West, was quite clear to both the husband and his patient wife.
“Dear, you’d best come along- we’re all out of water.”
“Water! What is water, but a drug to quench our souls- when behold, there is water- nay wine!- all about us in the form of new-born discovery and cognition!”
“Yes love, it is a pretty sight. Now, what have you done with our map?”
“Map! Maps are but restrictions upon man’s wanderlusting spirit- man craves to see what is new, what is fresh, to strike out into Terra Nova- but eh, I seem to have misplaced it. Why do you ask?”
“Oh, no reason-”
“Then let us sit here and gaze, my dear, as the sunset of all that is freshly primal sets about us, for we are in a new Eden-”
“Love, did you bring a light?”
“Eh, well, yes, but-”
“It’s out of batteries.”
“Well, you might say that- I mean, they’re quite in the flashlight, but well-”
“Quite alright love. We’ll simply have a campfire. Now, let’s head for that creek, and tommorow we’ll set off in the way we came. I think I recall seeing a little hill with some white rocks on it, back near the trail.”
“Oh my dear, in you is feminine virtue exemplified!”
So the little couple passed the night in relative comfort, considering the circumstance- the young man serenading his darling to sleep with one of his improtu bouts of poetry. In the morning they made their way- quite readily- back to the trail and subsequently home. I am not certain, but I understand they are still quite happily married, the wife however carrying the responsibility of bearing the flashlight.


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