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Yesterday's class went quite well: my intentions were to talk about God as Creator (that seeming to be a logical place to start), and while I actually kept myself to the outline, we discussed subjects with no bearing at all on the topic at hand. Good subjects, if not precisely relevant at the moment. Among other things I don't think my students have a particularly good grasp on the nature of the Trinity: not their fault, really, but rather that of the churches they have been in, in failing to instruct them in such a basic thing. I am not terribly surprised, and to be quite honest, I get discouraged by my denomination quite often, and wonder greatly at the things we do (or don't do). Why do I not leave?

I admit I have been tempted to leave the Baptist denomination out of disgust, not at doctrine really, but at practice: though, I suppose, our problems in not emphasising important things is general throughout Christiandom. Our problems, in my opinion, are not so much great looming things but subtleties and matters of emphasis and practice. And my dad is also my pastor, and a fine one at that (which I do not say merely because he is my dad; while we have some disagreement over some points of doctrine, his preaching is sound and he strives to rightly lead our church), which has obvious bearings. That, and I love my local congregation too much to simply up and walk off. I do not see our problems as insurmountalbe, but rather solvable through godly understanding and love. Like any church body, we are in need of reform. Teaching the nature of the Trinity to students is a small step I suppose.


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