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Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


An Observation Upon Observing the Stars:

I have found that I scarcely pay any attention to the 'starry host' that so faithfully marches and gracefully reels outside my window at night, along with the bright, ethery light of the Moon. It seems that the stars become dim points of light through a glass-pain in need of cleaning. They are lost in the lights of my lamps and the artificial glow of my neighbour's porch lights across the hedge and field. To-night, however, after my evening Scripture and prayer, I walked barefoot out over the grass of our lawn (living in the deepness of the South affords one such a luxury!) and stared up at the stars. Such a thing causes one's heart thrill with joy- knowing Whom cast the jeweled host over their course, and knowing Him in His grandeur and His merciful love, and knowing His Son Whom sustains and holds the great weaving of the night sky together. How grand is that expanse! It is a humbling thing, to look up at the night sky- but it also a joyous thing, and fills one with hope and peace: for the stars are vast and beautiful, and unmarred by sinful hands.- commanded and marshalled only by their Maker.

'Can you loose the Huntsman's bow? Can you unbind the Seven Stars? Can you lead forth the Bear?' Of course I cannot- I can only gape upwards in wonder and adoration towards the One Who commands this great host, and calls each by its name. And that is privlige enough, and more so- it is a privilege I am eternally unworthy of. Praise be to His name, for His mercies endure forever!


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