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St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


I have the wonderful privilige and burden, beginning this Sunday evening, to teach a disclipleship course (as we call them in the SBC), for guys in high school and college. That I am myself in that category is not, apparently, a problem with my appointees. I'm friends with all the guys whom I will be instructing, and they know me all ready for my sometime eccentric doctrinal ramblings. They are all quite firm in their faith and desire to learn. However, and I do not think I am speaking a falsehood, most of these guys have simply not been taught like they should. I don't plan to solve that problem in Ten Easy Steps (though that seems to be the Church's favorite solution to things), nor do I imagine myself capable of solving it, or even denting it, save through God's grace. But I do intend to follow our Lord's command and feed His sheep with the most precious food He has given: Himself. In this case, it is through the teaching of His Word.

We will be going through the basic doctrines of orthodox Christian faith, using the Apostle's Creed as a framework. I have the task to fit the essentials of Christian doctrine into fourty-five minutes on a Sunday evening, without compromising their richness and wonder. I would appreciate y'all's prayer that I may not be wise in my own wisdom, but rather faithfully teach the Word of truth, in all soundness of doctrine, through Christ and not myself. And of course any wise counsel is always appreciated.


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