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Here is yet another example of liberalism's (in this case under the shadow of that great organ of propoganda, the New York Times) dislike of Tolkien (most liberals, anyway- there are of course plenty of exceptions): But for all the proto-multiculturalism of Tolkien's Middle-Earth, in the current climate it's impossible not to experience Peter Jackson's "Two Towers" as war propaganda of unnerving power {Yes folks, you are being secretly propogandized to support the BushWar. Really! In fact, all I could think of when watchng was, "Let's go slaughter some Third World people"- I couldn't get it out of my mind.}. The scene in which ranks upon ranks of enemy Uruk-hai warriors march in perfect order seems like a spine-chilling tip of the computer-graphics hat to Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will." For such low, vile creatures, they have a lot of discipline. The enemy, whether Orc, Warg or Uruk-hai, is hideous and beastly, even monstrously humanoid but never simply human {who were those strangley human-looking folks swarming about Mordor?}.

On the intentional level, "The Two Towers" is a grand adventure tale, in which good and evil are comfortingly clear. But even without the accidental echoes — evil or "Evildoers?" Sauron or Saddam? And how many towers? — the movie would have its own double edge. Dehumanizing the other guy is the first step in training soldiers and fighting wars. The danger is that this is what makes not just warfare palatable but extermination itself. {I would like to know whom I am being trained to exterminate}

And let's not forget the inherent racism of the Lord of the Rings- Gandalf the White anyone? Or the obvious homophobia- Saramaun of Many Colours? And the big give-away: it's produced by Wingnut- Right Wingnut, we thinks, eh Precious?


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