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St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


I have been feeling rather spiritually dull over the past couple days- no particular reason I suppose, but rather a certain amount of weariness and various personal failures and sins of mine. Thus the scarcity of postings here. On occasion I will have times of, well, dullness, as I suppose most people experience, in which my devotion and meditation is not as it should be. This week has proved thusly. I trust, however, that by God's grace I shall be brought up from drudgery, and refined further.

Meanwhile, I have come across a fascinating fourteenth century Englishman, Richard Rolle, who authored some fine works on the contemplative life. He was a Catholic; however, he espoused beliefs and views one might consider almost Reformed, specifically, his focus upon faith and grace. He lived as a hermit of sorts, but was decidely evangelical in mission, and was even admonished for his involement with rather unreligious people. I shall try to find some of his works and post them, if I can find some modernized English- he wrote in Northern Middle English, which is rather difficult to decipher satisfactoraly without some sort of gloss or dictionary.


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