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Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


I set off for the local art museum- believe it or not, there is a fine, respectable art museum in southern Mississippi: but it is apparently not open on Mondays. O. I expended a fair deal of gasoline on what was almost a fruitless trip from wee little Ellisville (the museum being in Laurel twelve miles distant)- however, I somewhat salvaged things by stopping in at the local public library, where I perused some magazines and Augustine's City of God. The mags were mostly liberal green rags, er, mags, which, while containing stunning photography, are simply full of ridiculous liberal mantra. These folks- bless 'em- seem to be mostly upper middle class or college students, with intellectuals sprinkled in, who enjoy running about in wilderness areas from time to time. Apparently, this gives them the right to impose their "progressive" ideas on everyone else, especially the people who actually make a living off the land (yes, yes, evil parasites all, I know). Now, don't get me wrong- I enjoy wild lands as much as the next fellow who reads these magazines, but one cannot let his love of wild lands supersede his love of men. Folks before animals. That, and their rants against development and whatnot, materialistic culture, et cetera, are well founded enough, but lack a good foundation upon which to build alternatives. Nature is fine, but one is severely limited if he does not know "nature's God". This is, I think, one of the primary roots of green extremism- there is nothing at all wrong in greater appreciation of nature, but to truly appreciate nature one must know God, the God who made it. One must have a definite viewpoint from which to view things, and most greens have a vague, shifting viewpoint filled with uncertainty and skepticism. Orthodox Christianity is viewed with repugnance, and fairly soundly rejected. But then, these sorts of trends can be seen the world over in ideas on thought-modes- and they're hardly new, for that matter. {For some more on nature and a perspective from a Christian point, look up my article on it Chasing Hats).

Anyway, I think I was discussing a library being closed. It's a real shame, as the Lauren Roger's Museum and Library is simply wonderful. I was hoping to settle in amongst the shelves of aged volumes and write a bit- maybe later in the week.


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