Once upon a time there was a man who was alive.

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


I would quite concur with Micheal. Sanity is general considered incurable, and many in our world who seek to find its curemerely end up in a deranged state of sanity, worse off than when they started. What is it with sanity? The idea that one must simply concur with the drudgery of the world, to conform oneself to what is called sanity (though, perhaps, in this day and age, many odd things pass for sanity)- but is life sane? No! Does man crave logical, reasonable answers to everything? Does he crave logical, reasoned existence, uninterupted by life? Perhaps some do- but I think most men desire something beyond their sanity, beyond what we wrongly call life. Man rests in paradoxes! Or some men do- some realize the grand paradoxial scope of the universe and deny it, or hate it, and seek logical conclusions to things. But one finds- repeatedly- that paradox fulfills our questions. It rarely answers why , but then, that is hardly for us to know, even if we could comprehend.

My faith is a paradox, for God is paradoxial- it is not that He contradicts Himself, no, far be it from me to suggest such a thing, but as we view reason and common sense, God is a paradox. The very idea of the Trinity boggles one's mind, no matter how hard one looks at it. But then, my belief in the Trinity is hardly founded upon any strict evidence or logic. I am thankful that it is not! I ask why- and I am given an answer, but it is not pertaining to why. But I find contentment in that- mystery is not a bad thing, and having something well beyond your present grasp is wonderful! I do not desire to climb the corkscew to heaven and empty the bottle into a chemist's vial, no, I would rather drink deep of heaven and not question particulars I cannot comprehend. Does this imply locking one's mind into a glass jar? Nonsense! One drinks with the soul, which includes the mind, and one wonders and marvels with the mind. But the mind is not all, and recognizing it's limits keeps one humble- and it is from humility that true wonder and delight come.

O, sanity is curable, for those who were wondering. Very much curable!

   Cowled Beauty

Hillside haiming of raised
Smells seen- colours tasted tasseled
Degged over with colour
Splotched and streeled-
Sent gently quavering-
Quook in colouring col’s breath:
O praise Him!


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