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Unlikely Allies

Bush hails an unlikely ally in the land of Genghis Khan:

"Mongolia, which has been eager for closer military relations with the United States, sent about 120 soldiers to Iraq.

"Mr Bush said US forces were proud to serve with the "fearless warriors" of Mongolia and he specifically thanked two Mongolian soldiers for shooting a suicide bomber who had been trying to drive a truck full of explosives into a coalition army mess tent in southern Iraq.

"White House officials say that, per capita, only two countries - the United Kingdom and Denmark - have provided more troops, and the Mongolians have been rewarded with $11 million (£6.4 million) in US aid to improve their military forces."

Actually, it is quite reasonable for Mongolia to be seeking very close relations with the US, as a quick look at a world map will demonstrate. And I have to say, I for one am glad the Mongols are on our side. They conquered most of the known world, which isn't too bad of an accomplishment in my book. Granted, that may have been a few years back, but they still seem to be a very decent people.

If I get the chance, that region is the next part of the world I would like to visit- Mongolia, along with the northern teir of China and those hard to pronounce Central Asian republics.


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