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St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


Are There Any Other Arms

"Indeed, apart from Scripture's utterances, are there any other arms with which we who oppose the devil may defend the liberty given us by God? For there we learn from the examples of the Lord himself and his saints- more clearly than from a light- by what tacticts the wars against vices are to be won. But the Philistines deprive Israel's sons of their armsmakers when evil spirits hinder the minds of the faithful from meditation on sacred reading by so preoccupying them with wordly affairs that the faithful may neither gain the confidence to resist the vices, which comes by training in this meditation, nor arouse by exhortation and reproof those others to do so who cannot read. They carry off armsmakers when evil spirits mire Holy Scripture's students so deeply in sins that they grow utterly ashamed to declare the good things that they have learned."

St. Bede, Thirty Questions on the Book of Kings, Q. 30


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