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Diego Garcia

I would like to ask prayers for my dad, who is on his way to the island of Diego Garcia, to serve as the Protestant chaplain to the US troops there. The base is primarily Navy with some Air Force; my dad is a Mississippi Air Guard chaplain. He volunteered earlier in this year to fill any slots that were needed, and Diego Garcia was open. His tour is over at the end of April- not as long as an Army tour would be, but still quite some time to be away from home. The island is quite small, an incredibly long ways from anything. Not all the pastimes, as you may imagine, on the island are exactly wholesome.

The recent devastating tsunami did not affect Diego Garcia at all- it apparently passed well to the north. Still, it's a frightening thought- the highest point on the island is only twenty-two feet above the ocean. But other than that, it's about as safe a place as you can find. Nuclear war could break out and Diego Garcia would probably emerge unscathed, it's so remote.

As of tonight, dad is stuck in Norfolk, VA, in the snow, with no coat! Airlines are wonderful. He's hoping he'll make it to Diego Garcia by Saturday or Sunday- after stops in Naples and Bahrain. My father, the world traveler... He was in the Army Guard for years, but shortly after moving back to Mississippi he enlisted in the Air National Guard. So now, instead of annual training at Ft. Stewart, GA, with alligators and mud holes, he spends his summer vacation, er, duty, in much nicer places. So far he's been to Hawaii, France, and Iceland: terrible, yes, but someone must do it. Diego Garcia isn't quite Hawaii, but it certainly beats Baghdad or Basra!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God speed to your Father. However I think your military must be telling you porkies, if you think that an ATOLL in the middle of the INDIAN OCEAN which has just experienced a massive massive natural disaster and is only barely above sea level would have escaped unscathed. Are not its' nearest neighbours the Maldives and the Indian Nicobar and Anndabar Islands that were decimated.
Sorry Jonathon, but I feel your military is going to effect another coverup to preserve an already tarnished reputation. Can't let UBL or Iraqi insurgents perceive a weekness, so we'll just state that the Tsunami passed us by. Fat chance, but good luck anyway.

4:21 AM  
Blogger JtC said...

We will pray.

By the way, can you turn on Atom syndication for your site when you get a chance? A great blog, but irregular updates, so...

4:33 AM  

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