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On Education III: The Myth of the Group Session

Do you dislike this thing called "breakout sessions" or "group sessions"? Do you cringe at comments like "this would be better if it were more interactive"? Are you one of the ones that audibly groan, indeed, suffer convulsions of nausea, when you hear "Now, let's break into small groups"? Then you'll love this rant.

So, I'm compiling some evaluation surveys of various staff development workshops held last year here at the library. As I compile some of the written statements, I'm running across things like "More group interaction so we know what others are thinking," "More group discussion," and "Be more interactive."

Gag! Cough! Spatter.

Read the rest: Group Sessions and Being More Interactive (How Vomitous!) Not quite the Cappadocians, but brilliant nonetheless and refreshingly honest. My experience as a student is completely concurrent with Clifton's observations.


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