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The Other Parties

My recent lack of posts has been partially due to the fact that I have been finishing up my English Composition research paper (actually, believe it or not, I find myself doing other things just as much when I sit down to write. . .). My topic is third parties in America, specifically the issue of their viability: whether or not third parties of any sort can ever achieve political success. I think that they can, but it is a longshot. I do not intend to vote for Peroutka- who would be my third party candidate of choice- mainly because of my misgivings on his foreign policy as opposed to that of George Bush. However, I am determined that, if the GOP does as I am afraid it will in 2008 and fields a truly liberal Republican, such as Schwarzanager (or however his name is spelled!), then I will certainly leave the Grand Old Party right hastily. Some may argue I should already.

Any thoughts out there? Is voting third party a "waste"? Is it nothing more than a quixotic gesture? Or can third parties successfully challenge the current two-party dominance?


Blogger JtC said...

1. Yes
2. No; what else can we do if we get a Roe vs. Roe presidential race?
3. No; except to those who think that every vote is a quixotic gesture.
4. Yes, but this has only happened once so far: on the eve of the Civil War. The American political system cannot support more than two major parties for long: the most successful third party will displace rather than challenge the big two. Or we could get a new form of government altogether--228 years is a comparatively long time to be under just one Constitution--but then we're talking about either secession (not likely), or conquest (God save us from it).

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