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St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


Yesterday I watched an anvil shoot. Which is to say, I watched grown men engage in the awe-inspiring craft of blasting one hundred pound iron anvils six hundred feet into the air- with the accompanying grand explosion and smoke cloud. There is something about the human condition that delights in blowing inantimate objects to kingdom come. It is deeply illogical, I think, that blowing a blacksmith's tool hundreds and hundreds of feet into the air- that sucker got so high you couldn't half see it- should cause full grown men to illicit cries of glee and exclamation.

Of course, I should note this hobby- of which I am, of course, only a spectator, and a one-time as of now at that- is limited in participants, perhaps owing to a certain eccentricity of the whole operation. After all, while the human condition may respond favourably to loud explosions and adrenenline rushing endevaours, blowing anvils into the sky is not the most obvious means of such entertainment.

For those who have the channel Turner South, the event was filmed by the show Liars and Legends. They filmed me, and I'm hoping that I made it into the final cut- the only time I've been on television before was a brief passby at a political demonstration in Pensacola, FL a couple years back. The show will likely run towards the end of the summer. Ted Turner jokes were common, though I don't think any made it on the camera...


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