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Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


Dear reader, please pardon my utter laconicness. I am rather reluctant to post links and short comments, and while I have a hundred things I should like to express in words, I have not felt capable of doing so worthily. That, and I have a number of other things to do, such as choosing a major for college, which I am planning, if the Lord wills, to start this fall. I am considering several things, including history, botany, or literature- I'm quite open. I suppose I should begin formulating at least a rough idea of what I wish to do, but do not desire to rush hastily into anything. Some days I find my self caring not a whit about secular education, and imagine myself divorcing utterly from 'secular' fields and becoming a pastor or priest or monastistic. Well, maybe not a monastistic... but standing firm in the faith and growing in the knowledge of Christ has become more paramount in my mind than my education- and vocational- future. That, and I am a fellow of so many interests that I am gripped with indecision among the competing fields. Whatever I engage in, I pray I may do it to the glory of God through Christ, and that I may bear His image.

Prayers are, of course, coveted. I have grown greatly in the past several months, especially, and with bounds in the faith have come troubles- narrow is the Way that leads to life, and of little ease: but of great and joyful reward. Life is a remarkable thing, made all the more remarkable in considering that the Eternal Logos bearing flesh, The Son of God clothed in manhood, has shared it with me.


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