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Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
St. Cuthbert and Disciples in a Boat


Light in January

Hattiesburg is not a large city- though it is large for rural Mississippi- nor is it a particularly old one, especially to someone whose idea of 'old' is fifteenth century at least... But there are some wonderful old buildings- churches, homes, and others- scattered around, with a surprising range of architectural styles, and in different levels of upkeep and decay. Last Saturday I set out with my camera in tow to photograph a few of them; the overcast morning turned to a bright and rather warm day that we in the Deep South enjoy (we shall forget our winter-time joy come July...).

The old Hattiesburg High School, built circa 1922. A really remarkable building, it is now falling to ruin, the last business to more or less occupy it having vacated some time back. I have heard that the University of Southern Mississippi intends to do something with it, which would be wonderful. They had best do something soon though.

This is Bay Street Presbyterian Church, built somewhere around 1900. Absolutely beautiful church; the tower- or steeple I suppose- when it fills with light is magnificent, though my camera refused to capture it to my satisfaction.

The plaque on the gate identified this as the Turner House, built in 1902. Very well kept up, with a hedge and gate. And columns. What more could you need?

Bay Street again, on black-and-white, looking rather epic.


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