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Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
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A Week Later

Our family came back to Jones County yesterday. There is now some power; I'm at my dad's office in town at the moment. Our house is still without power or phone service. It will probably be another week or so before we are back online.

Ellisville has cleaned up some; there are still trees everywhere, just not in the roads anymore. Some powerlines have been put back up; most are still down. The gas stations- when they have gas- have long lines snaking out behind them. My brother and a neighbor went into town to fuel up today; they waited about an hour. Ellisville smells really, really bad: there is garbage piling up in a makeshift dump, garbage in front of people's houses, along with spoiled food from refrigerators which was dumped outside. I can't imagine what the Coast or New Orleans smells like...

Jones County suffered pretty extensive damage; most of the houses and businesses are damaged in some way or another. At least twelve people died in the storm in our county.

The refugee problem is growing more evident all across the state. The county my grandparents live in, Winston, is taking in several hundred, which is going to be quite a task for a rural Mississippi county. This is not a rich state. Most of the economic development in Mississippi is- or was- centered on the southern tier, where the damage is greatest.

Of course, everyone is talking about the relief response and all that; but I am no position to pontificate on it, not having had very good access to information- and the fact that it still a developing story. I do know that what I have seen is not very encouraging, particularly with the gas situation. We are terribly dependent on gasoline; gasoline distribution in the event of a distaster is evidently not very dependable. There are some troubling implications there.


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